"Our youth is our future and the strength of our nation depends on the strength of our children."

O’ki nikskookoowa.

My Niitstiapii name is Siksikaipitakii 

I am Sheldon Day Chief and I am from the Running Antelope Band.
I am ‘A’apaitstitapii.
A’apaitstitapii means the Weasel Clans/People. Today in this colonial world, we are known as the Blood Tribe. Because we use red ocher in our ceremonies, our name "Blood Tribe" was given to us by the Canadian government.
I use and still believe in the name A’paitstitapii because it is who we are. I still use my traditional clan name the Running Antelope Band when I introduce myself before public speaking and presentations.
My parents were the late Dick and Annie Day Chief. My maternal grandparents were the late William and Alice White Feathers. I was born in October of 1960, in Cardston, AB.
The name Day Chief was a result of mistranslation of my great grandfather’s name Thunder Chief as Both word for day and thunder were very close in pronunciation - Ksiistikoo (Day) and Kiistikoom (Thunder).
I am a direct descendant of the man you see in the background of this photo - Thunder Chief. He is my great-grandfather and he was the Chief of the Traditional northern Weasel Clans. He was a war Chief and when I was growing up I heard many stories of how his heart was for his people. He was chosen by his people to lead and protect their lives, interests, land and future. He was willing to accomplish this, even if it meant laying his own life on the line, which he ultimately did when he was murdered in 1907.

Our view as Niitsítapii on everything we do, our spiritual ways, are always a priority and is an ending of all things.

If I am given the privilege to serve as your Chief, I assure you I will follow through with the vision I see for ALL our people.
A Chief that wants to rebuild our nation as ONE nation, not a Chief that divides us.
A Chief that does not see families against families, communities separate from
communities, or our reserve being separate from other reserves.
A Chief that sees our reserve as part of the great Blackfoot Confederacy and a part of the greater Niitsítapii nation of this great land of ours.
A Chief to bring us out of the darkness and into a new light, a new beginning by uncovering the reasons why we are here today, the suffering, hardships and our uncertain future.
As Chief I will work with all my heart to earn the confidence of you, the people. Not only those of you that vote for me, but those who did not, so in time we can come together for a new beginning.
I know together we can rebuild the backbone of who we truly are as a people. We the A’apaitstitapii will become leaders amongst nations again.

We Need a Leader

We Need Change

I Have a Plan

Our Land
Who Benefits form our land? Not the membership, but WE CAN CHANGE THAT

The land is who we are and the land is our future, we cannot do without it.


If elected Chief, I will establish a committee to immediately redirect our oil and gas revenue to be used to invest in transitioning our land to renewable resources, creating JOBS, ENERGY INDEPENDENCE and a CLEAN future. 

Our People
For generations, our people have been pushed aside, so those in power can rise.

The time has come to end the overspending from our leaders. As Chief, I will introduce a travel policy to rein in these unnecessary expenses and hold meetings on the reserve when possible, instead of unnecessary travel.

$70.9 million in “Other Programs” in two years? We deserve more transparency.

Imagine what we could do with better fiscal management.


Our Future
Our YOUTH is our FUTURE  
The strength of our Nation will be determined by the strength of our children 
NOW is the time to invest in our future

Investing in our youth is one of the foundations of my platform and it is the path to the future of our Nation.

Our youth is always my top priority. That is why I continue to fight the system created by our current and past Chiefs since 1980, a system that leaves us all behind. A system that is selfish and continues to grow the inequality between our people and the people in power. The system that created the conditions we see today; nothing but struggle, hardship, homelessness and a slow death of our youth through alcoholism and drug abuse. Our youth deserves better.

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