Outline of Vision and Mission

Ancient Indian warriors, who once roamed free across this great continent, would encourage one another with these words, "It is a good day to die," as they rode into battle. The Indian warrior knew in his heart that he was the only line of defense and protection for his tribe. The survival of his people depended on his abilities and willingness to lay down his own life in battle for those he loved. To become a skilled warrior required a tremendous desire and determination. The pathway of this most honored position within the tribe was filled with hardships and discipline, which began at a very early age and produced purity of life’s calling. Our ancestors understood the need for purity of the heart and life, symbolized by the many purifications rites, was a critical necessity upon which success in battle depended. The Ancient Warrior was keenly aware that life did not only exist according to the natural or what his five senses told him, but he knew that life also had a spiritual dimension that had a very significant impact on the outcome of events in the natural, and that purification of his heart and life was a key to tipping the balance of these spiritual forces in his favor.

YAHWEH, Our Almighty God, has put within the Indian heart a gifting of courage to wage war and fight the good fight, even unto death. As the history of this land reveals, it was this very gifting which caused the American Indian to be oppressed, humiliated, and incarcerated on the present day reservations. Since the day the dust settled from the last of the "Indian Wars", this gifting has been a source of frustration and hopelessness for countless thousands of young Indian men. This hopelessness has driven many thousands of Native peoples into the deeper bondages of alcoholism and drugs with premature death, and a Christ-less eternity as their only reward.

Today however, the Lord of Hosts, Yeshua is His Name, is about to do a new thing. He is about to break the yoke of bondage to hopelessness and despair in the hearts of Native Americans throughout this land by reviving in them this gifting of a warrior's heart." This time, though, He intends to consecrate by His Blood and use this gifting for the redemptive purposes of His Kingdom.

Think of it!! Countless thousands of young Native Americans brought to a newness of Spirit-life, and given the vision of becoming "Mighty Warriors" with the Lord Jesus Christ as their indwelling, Great Warrior Chief and partnering together with all ethnic peoples of the world to advance the Kingdom of God. What would be the result of such a mighty move of the Great Holy Spirit of God? This is the glorious vision that Yeshua has birthed within the heart of Day Chief Ministries, Inc.