About Jim & Faith Chosa

Married on September 15, 1979 and have ministered together since 1982. Jim is an enrolled member of the Keweenaw Bay Chippewa Indian Tribe of Northern Michigan. On August 30, 1979, the Spirit of the Lord dramatically captured his attention while Jim was in a bar by changing a bottle of beer into vinegar, and by His  
spoken word ?Put it down on the bar!? and then again ?I said! Put it down on the bar!? delivered him completely from alcohol and drugs. He was saved 12:01 AM January 1, 1980 and has been teaching and preaching the Word since 1982. In Indian Country, especially to his brethren, Jim is known as ?Lead Eagle.?

Faith is an enrolled member of the Apsaalooke (Crow) Indian Tribe of Montana; her Indian name given when she was eight years old is ?Sees Holy.? She grew up in a home where Christ was honored by both of her parents for as long as she can remember. She has a great spiritual legacy on both sides of her lineage, but perhaps the most prominent is her link to her great-grandparents, Goes Ahead and Pretty Shield. Goes Ahead was one of five surviving scouts for General George Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn who later, after a dramatic encounter through a vision with the Lord Jesus, became one of the first deacons in the Baptist Church of Crow Agency. Both were very prominent shamans of their tribe, and both were converted from these old ways to Jesus Christ.

Together they have established Day Chief Ministries and the Red Earth Church in the Wilderness. They minister in all regions of the country with national and regional ministers equipping prayer intercessors and building relational fellowships between Native and non-Native cultures within the Body of Christ to cleanse, heal and deliver the land. Jim is a member of the Apostolic Council for the International Coalition of Apostles under the leadership of C. Peter Wagner and a regional director for the US Alliance for Reformation under Apostle Dutch Sheets.  They are also working in the Apsaalooke Nation developing the Apostolic Asheta'ale Alliance and in the state of Montana with the Pray! Big Sky Net.